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Views & Sightings- Dainty Funk

I love this finding like I love the fact that I watched Love Jones a little over 20 years ago. You know– in time to be moved by it, felt in its growth and able to reference it in conversation as well as being- with other Black folk. This is where I know I will find myself with Dainty Funk when I am in conversation about what it means to be Black & queer. What it means to be progressive in one’s identity. What breaking the mould really feels/looks like. I know I am going to reference The Dainty Funk, and I am damn happy about that.

Have you heard of them?

Maud (they/them), AKA The Dainty Funk, is an interdisciplinary spoken word artist and filmmaker who uses drag and the art of transformation to explore personal ideas about gender and blackness. Dainty Funk is an all-encompassing aesthetic movement that describes the intersection between vanity and vulnerability, the soft and the grotesque, frill and fright.



The Vibe Room Issue 7 (2021) Visual Artist Feature

Haute Punch Magazine (2020) Space and Distance

Mixed Mag (2020) “I Am Not a Woman”

Vogue (2020) “Can Makeup be an Anti-Surveillance Tool”?” (Source: Dainty Funk)

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