BlackQueer Heal

To Balance Light with Dark

We have to be thankful for so much, even amid complete and obvious bullshit. That which we give power to is what controls our functions. Today, I want to think in duality. Today I am aware of the corruption that lies in the hearts of men, all while acknowledging the undeniable unearthed energy source able to shift even the darkest intent to light. It is not out of our control to live on purpose and with purpose experiencing our moments of existence to the utmost. The invisible bars of the lockless cage will never stifle the freedom of a mind willing to go beyond human limitation.

Today, I want you to touch both extremes of the spectrum and embrace your power to escape and live. Your burdens of today are, in fact, weights that you shall not deny. However, you decide their function: will they strengthen you or expose your weakness?

I look forward to sharing with each of you the words that come to me in the wee hours of the night/morning, the nuggets that take over my thoughts while showering, and the utters that fill my eyes as I gaze at life. It ain’t all deep, but never shallow.

Peace homie,

ParKer Bryant

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