BlackQueer Heal

The Gradual Unplug

Of course I’ve been tethered to my electronics since the Rona lockdown (job, business engagement and a full list of obnoxious to dos) and not to mention capturing moments of this unprecedented time in life via my camera phone. With life evolving around WiFi and a full battery on all devices, my attention was drawn to the boat load of unnecessary content in my life. Like, when did I sign up for all these damn newsletters? I just got this phone mid-last year, how in the hell do I have photos from 2015 (I thought I deleted)? Maybe– Who? I deleted that number and thread months ago. Chile. Tew Merch! If you have the time, start deleting some or all of that shit out of your database- literally and figuratively. Unsubscribe (if it be from this communication, let it be), unfollow, delete in bulk without going through each one… just get rid of the unnecessary in your life. 

A literal need that registered on a deeper level–

  • there were many updates I didn’t have room for because I didn’t have enough space. 
  • I became inundated, thus weary from all these fuxn’ emails (talking about nothing) that I potentially missed messages that could have been of use in various levels in my life. 

Let that sink in. 
 Use this time to enact actions that produce a cleaning on multiple levels.  

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