BlackQueer Heal

BlackQueer Heal Vibe & Chat with @Feelfit_Z :: Freedom & Fitness

BlackQueer heal Vibe & Chat 3-Way is an engaging dialogue discussion centering call to action awareness about BlackQueer life, love, and contributions made for and within the community. On this episode ParKer Bryant vibes with Zee, @feelfit_z and explores overcoming challenges, community, the balance of fitness goals and living life. 

Did It Dawn On Me Or What? The Day I Broke Up With Regret

Regret was my everyday thought process. I regretted things I didn’t do, things I didn’t accomplish, and most definitely things I did that resulted in bullshit ass outcomes in my life. I toiled day in and day out about how much of a failure I was. I kept that broken record on repeat and lived every day trying to rectify my mistakes, even those I had only made moments before. I apologized too damn much.