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SongBirdWhite (Kourtney White) Interview

BABL: How long have you been passionate about singing?
SongBirdWhite: I have been singing since 7, that’s when I started singing at my home church, and then everything just went from there.

BABL: How has singing affected/changed your life?
SongBirdWhite: Singing has affected my life tremendously, It’s an outlet for how I feel. When I can’t put it into words how I feel, I write a song. It’s crazy cause the only way I can express myself is through singing.

BABL: Who are your biggest musical influences?
SongBirdWhite: Biggest musical influences are Lauren Hill and the Queen herself Beyonce lol.

BABL: If you could perform and tour with any artist(s) who would it be and why?
SongBirdWhite: Beyoncé, and just because she is an all-around artist! She gives one hell of a performance. I had the pleasure of seeing her on her formation tour, and it was phenomenal!  To top it off her voice is off the charts, she is the exact definition of an entertainer.

BABL: Do you anticipate any pushback from the music industry because of your sexual preference? If so, how do you expect to overcome them?
SongBirdWhite: I don’t focus on things like that if I spent my time anticipating what the next person thought I’d never succeeded! My gift will make room for me

BABL: Tell us about your current project and where and how can we support you. 
SongBirdWhite: Ok so I just finished my video for my single “Walk Away” it should be dropping around the 20th of January. I’m also working on an EP, and I’ll keep you guys posted on the release date for that. I also got some shows coming up that I’m excited about. Still working out the times but it should be soon.

Make sure you put Kourtney White on your radar. Her voice is impeccable, and lyrics are just as great. Follow her on Instagram at @songbirdwhite and check out her upcoming music and performances.

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