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Do You Trust Me- Wellness Beyond Exercise (Digital Pack)

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Audio digital pack for Wellness Beyond Exercise

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Warning: If you are comfortable moving in and from your excuses regarding the wellness of your body, then this product is not for you. 

Digital Pack Includes

  • Wellness Beyond Exercise Digital Engagement Companion- Journal, Meditation & Reflection Prompts
  • Wellness Beyond Exercise 16+ mins Thought Speak by ParKer Bryant

Everywhere we turn, there are talks about health and wellness- losing this, and weight- gain muscle that. People are posting/working around the clock to present physiques worth app memberships, and others are posing their medically assisted bodies for product marketing. However, it’s sliced, there is an overwhelming focus on the look of our body versus its’ wellness. And that’s the part we don’t need to lose ourselves.

Engage in a full experience with ParKer Bryant as they reveal the root findings of their physical wellness journey. The honesty about body dysmorphia, depression and warped understandings of masculinity invites you into a vault of healing powers from transparent confessions and real reflections.

If your healing and wellness journey has brought attention [back] to your body and you are determined to do it differently, this tool is for you.

This is definitely not the time to fantasize or idealize, but to recognize the needed conversation yourself in order to enter a new depth/height on and in your journey. 

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