BlackQueer Heal

BlackQueerheal We Welcome Pleasure w/trent, homecook. cocktail curator. affirmation generator. (p. 1)

trent rearranged and reintroduced us to a healthy, pleasure-filled, and cute relationship with wines & spirits.

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Daisa’s Diary Ep. Five & We Welcome Pleasure

"Their love... it's just so passionate. I loved being there witnessing it." Bryant remembers.

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Daisa’s Diary Ep. 3: Ex-Ray Vision [full episode]

Daisa is moments away from meeting and having a nasty and joyous sex session with her social media boo; however, not before she runs into her ex in her memories- which brings up a lot more than expected.

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Daisa’s Diary Exxxclusive Art Collection

Welcome to Pleasure Daisa's Diary Exxxclusive Collection

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Deeper Than A Short Story- Naked & In Pleasure

sweatshirt or canvas displays in a virtual art exhibit– how did I finally see my body as a holy temple, a work of divine art? How did I finally pull my head out of a toilet every time I felt like I overate?

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I am ParKer Bryant, the vibration of BlackQueer Wellness. My only mission is to live a life that reeks of a true ass journey of love, wellness and vibes.