BlackQueer Heal

A Deep Mental Engagement Project

Daisa has every right to do pleasure her way, but what's at the root of her choices?
Daisa's Diary is a re-lived experience through the journal entry of a Blackqueer woman balancing desire and need. "Daisa's Diary was inspired by my experiences and observations of the emotional-social conditions of our generation as Blackqueer lovers. There is a strong desire to be appreciated, loved, and valued, yet the barriers that stand in our way are deeply marring and self-sabotaging." ParKer Bryant

Six audio episodes packed with immersive engagement specifically programmed for your mental pleasures. Enjoy a great story alongside participatory conversations, community connections and reflections. Oh, and stick around for the Daisa's Diary exclusive pleasure dive.

The Immersive Experience

Connections & Confessions

Vibes & Chats about each episode and participation in a brave space to share a few items in our black boxes

Sexual Healing & Pleasure Principle

Advocates, healers, & specialists discuss ways to heal and elevate our sexual experiences. 

Community & Journaling

Intimate & personal prompts to connect deeper with ourselves & community, to shift our perspective and create loving space for diverse experiences in life, love and sex.