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Have You All Tried Sofresco Shots?

They are GOOD!

On Monday I had a hair cut appointment and ya’ll, my barber is an old soul Jamaican from New York, so he ain’t into all the updated ways of payment. The man takes cash and not appointments, just come. So of course, it’s routine for me to stop at a store, make a transaction and get the price of cut and tip in exact dollar amount.

Where we met, an all-natural smoothie wellness shop ran by a Nigerian woman is currently closed for relocation, so I try to help him out by bringing something wellness-oriented when I visit. I don’t know about ya’ll, but where I am from barbers give more to us than just a hair cut and I do my best to honor that.

Anyway, I swing by the Publix across the street from the strip where the shop is; I know Publix is trash for their stance on BLM and I’m sorry…:(. But here’s a good thing from an uncomfortable convenience, Sofresco shots.

Since I am buying one for myself I see what’s on sale in the wellness juice area because Publix is not all that cheap. Well, let me put it this way, their prices make you scratch yo’ head sometimes. On this particular day, the kombucha was not on sale, but these little Sofresco shots were along with Suja juice. I grabbed two shots and two Suja juices. I presented him with the Suja juices, he chose the cucumber, kale, apple, and some other shit one. I had… I forgot what was in it, but it was a little pink, so beets were in there somewhere. It was nasty. But the Sofresco shots, the two I purchased and saved for myself were fire. I took the second one today (Apple & Ginger) and I just had to tell you all about them.

Apple & Ginger Shot

I took the first swig of the turmeric & cayenne shot, and it hit me. I couldn’t even pull off good without looking the little bottle over. Y’all know how brands in major stores lack sometimes, and not that I wasn’t expecting potency, but I didn’t think it would taste so well-balanced and full of flavor. I was too excited. Today, four days later, I take the apple and ginger shot (pictured above), and the same thing happened. I stopped in the middle of the kitchen to look the little bottle over like– how? How does this taste like the little wellness shack on the corner of downtown Atlanta? I’m thoroughly pleased with my experience and will purchase more- most likely not from Publix. 

Check out the products and definitely consider giving them a try. 

Always including you in on this thing called Wellness Journey. 

Make it a great weekend. 


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