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Daisa’s Diary Ep. Five & We Welcome Pleasure

Daisa’s Diary is coming close to the end of the first season and we must say, for a first of its kind series, Daisa’s Diary looked to have inspired more stories coming out of ParKer Bryant’s creative camp.

“I can’t unsee the expansiveness of storytelling at this point. I know that the worlds we see and write about are just as real as the one we call reality. Bridging and syncing worlds by defying spacetime through your imagination is the art of the craft.” ParKer stated in an interview about the project.


Released this weeked, Daisa’s Diary full season which includes episodes 1-6 and the exxxclusive bedroom scene. Bryant revealed the scene was a “real session of intimacy” by a couple she knows well. “Their love… it’s just so passionate. I loved being there witnessing it.” Bryant remembers.

You can purchase the full season deluxe while it’s still on sale.

“We are looking forward to projects that were revitalized since the immersive narrative project idea. Daisa Diary has a lot more life in it as well, once the series is complete, we are hoping to shop it around. Until then, we will continue creating for the community.” Bryant confirmed.


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