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Daisa’s Diary Ep. 1 loved by many

The immersive narrative experience released on January 8th delivered something new and fresh to the art of storytelling. Author and creative, ParKer Bryant continues to create works of art that feel, sound, and read like our lived experiences as BlackQueer folx. However, Daisa’s Diary is doing something different; it takes storytelling to the next level. It engages the reader beyond the page.

“As a creative, I’ve meditated on being true to the art of creativity. One day I woke up knowing that art needed to live a life of its own, outside of me. However, my job is to create an environment for the art to reach its maximum potential. So, I no longer write from the worlds I see; I now bridge between the worlds; therefore, the art and the reader can explore together,” Bryant explains.

Daisa’s Diary is the first immersive narrative project by ParKer Bryant.

It is a 90 days, six-episode audio series that includes apparel, journal prompts and affirmations, community chats discussing experiences with sex, a sex-educator podcast, a virtual art exhibition, and more.

“I believe in alternate universes happening all at one time. Where else do I get these stories from?” ParKer Bryant

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