BlackQueer Heal

Did It Dawn On Me Or What? The Day I Broke Up With Regret

Regret was my everyday thought process. I regretted things I didn’t do, things I didn’t accomplish, and most definitely things I did that resulted in bullshit ass outcomes in my life. I toiled day in and day out about how much of a failure I was. I kept that broken record on repeat and lived every day trying to rectify my mistakes, even those I had only made moments before. I apologized too damn much.

Loving While Healing

The collective awakening of higher consciousness and self-care has engaged many in spiritual routines of noninvasive internal medicine practices; healing traumas, shedding ill-ideology and self-rediscovery. This translates to an intense, yet a delicate state of being that transcends our now existence. Thus, the forever question of “should I date…”