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SongBirdWhite (Kourtney White) Interview

BABL: How long have you been passionate about singing?SongBirdWhite: I have been singing since 7, that’s when I started singing at my home church, and then everything just went from there. BABL: How has singing affected/changed your life?SongBirdWhite: Singing has affected my life tremendously, It’s an outlet for how I feel. When I can’t put it …

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Loving While Healing

The collective awakening of higher consciousness and self-care has engaged many in spiritual routines of noninvasive internal medicine practices; healing traumas, shedding ill-ideology and self-rediscovery. This translates to an intense, yet a delicate state of being that transcends our now existence. Thus, the forever question of “should I date…”

AfroArt ParKer Bryant

A Foreshadow about the Shadows of the Rona (Feel/Know Those “With” You)

It’s been a little over 120 days since Coronavirus shook up our “normal” way of doing life. One moment we were hanging out with our friends at brunch on Sunday, insisting on paying the tab to having- Zoom call toasts where the soundtrack is off (technology turns Stevie Wonder’s rendition of Happy Birthday into a …

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