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BlackQueerheal We Welcome Pleasure w/trent, homecook. cocktail curator. affirmation generator. (p. 1)

BlackQueerheal & ParKer Bryant present We Welcome Pleasure, a conversation series about sexual wellness and pleasure as forms of liberation. The series is based on the immersive narrative project, Daisa’s Diary by ParKer Bryant. Learn more about the engaging fiction work by visiting

@itstrentyall allowed us to (re)imagine our relationship with alcohol by lovingly laying the foundation of consent with responsible indulgence. We are still replaying just how masterful trent adjusted an escapism/over usage mindset toward drinking and gifted us tools to change and enhance our conversation while sippin’.

And to think this is Part One! Be sure to follow the movements of BlackQueerheal to never miss any of the greatness coming from ParKer Bryant.

Also, do yourself a solid and get involved, support, and follow Erica Butler, she’s a gift.

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