BlackQueer Heal

BlackQueer Heal Vibe & Chat #1 P. II BlackQueer Joy, Healing From Mommas & Learning How To Grow (Part II)

BlackQueer heal Vibe & Chat 3-Way is an engaging dialogue discussion centering call to action awareness about BlackQueer life, love, and contributions made for and within the community. On this episode ParKer Bryant vibes with five amazing energies- Tamika, Tatianna, K, Shakita and Lotus to discuss learning how to grow ourselves, healing from Mommas and allowing people to leave our lives.

Show NotesConversation time: 32:58 (time stamps are based on conversation clip, not including intro time)

00:05- Continuation of Healing from Mothers

  • Abandonment Issues
  • Growing up w/kids as their mother
  • Survival and Healing (survival mode)
  • Healing and becoming a better mother
  • Holding Kids Accountable 
  • Your Value Outside of being a Mother
  • How we experience bonds broken at an early age (my parent feels like a stranger)
  • Mothering Our Siblings at an Early Age
  • Demanding Respect as an Adult from our Parents
  • Breaking the Cycle of Fear in and while Mothering
  • Telling Our Children “I love you.”
  • Learning Perspective from Our Mothers; no longer leaving a heavy heart at their door

22:00- Remembering Back in the Day

28:34- Finish the Sentence 

30:25 – Pivoting & Growing

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