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Another Side of the Story: The Plague of AIDS

What’s good family!

Look, y’all know I am always digging into the unknown for things to be known, especially in our time. The way media outlets shroud even the smallest of truths makes it hard not to want to get the “rest of the story.” It’s a fact us folx can’t deal with a half-told story. This is for information only. Would you mind doing your research and coming to conclusions you feel are supported through said action?

If you or someone you know needs compassion, counseling or community support due to being HIV positive or having AIDS please reach out to your nearest and trusted outreach programs. We are in this together.

The rest of the listening session.

Down below I’ve listed the names, a few documents and books mentioned in the audio. Let this be a starting point for you if you care to know further. I love you and I love our people.

Dr Alan Cantwell, M.D.

Randallstown man says U.S lying about cause of AIDS

Robert Gallo - Wikipedia
Best known for his co-discovery of HIV, Dr. Gallo and his team pioneered the development of the HIV blood test
Wolf Szmuness - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
Dr. Wolf Szmuness conducted research at the New York Blood Center and, from 1973, he was director of the Center’s epidemiology laboratory. He designed and conducted the trials for the first vaccine to prove effective against hepatitis B.

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