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4.20–High off Wellness!!

What’s Jivin’? I trust that you are well and getting it in, in whatever what that is for you.

Today I wanted to share with you how I got hi!!! Since I’ve been back in Atlanta, getting back into my version of HIIT and defining a schedule of aligned progress are focal points. So far so good. But let me tell you how amazed I am at the quality of mental rest I experienced during those three weeks of unplug. The constant chatter in the mind actually came to a complete silence. Of course I engaged in other deliberations; however, they were current and guided my movement and grounded-ness. Said to say, embrace extended rest when it presents itself into your life. Also, try not to drown out one noise with another. We will get more in-depth another time.

So here is the workout I did today.


  • 10lbs dumbbells
  • 20lbs kettlebells
  • 30lbs kettlebells

If you have minimum equipment, one pair of dumbbells will get the job done. I am sure of it.

  • Weighted Jumping Jacks (10lbs dumbbells)
  • KB Snatch and Press (Double 20lbs kettlebells)
  • Plank KB Pull Through (Single 30lbs kettlebell)
  • Rotating Plank (on elbows) w/leg lift
  • Front lunge w/ Crow Lift (10lbs dumbbells)
  • Side lunge w/kick (single 10lbs dumbbell)
  • KB Deadlift w/Row (30lbs kettlebells)

Four rounds

  • 40 seconds on 20 seconds off
  • 2 min rest in between rounds.

Calories Burn (for me)

  • 335 Active
  • 418 Total

Time: 30-35 mins ( to be honest I had an extended break for a phone call, so I will run it again tomorrow. But my assumption of timing is based on my first two rounds.


Now of course you can switch any of this up, because on the front lunges with crow, I had to drop the weight to get my form back (form is so important in exercising, ego leads to injury)… and those MFs hurt. I hadn’t done that exercise in a while, so that was one of the reasons I desired to get it back into my routine. YIKES! However, it is always good to have that one exercise in your routine that challenge-humble that ass. Today, those front lunge with the crow was it for me.

I pay a lot of attention to my body when I am moving through these exercises, because being dope, fine, sexy is a part of the whole shit and gimmicks (I kid), but more importantly having this sure thang’ relationship with your body that is rooted in honest and caring communication (some of our person to person relationships lack this greatly) is grounding like a MF. There were some imbalances felt and I will concentrate on those as I continue to get back to my version of HIIT. There is some bread I got to work off. No regrets though, no regrets.

Let me know if you try it out.

Much love,


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